Buying a Printer for Small Businesses

Regardless of the size of your company, a fast and reliable printer is a necessity. Whether you need to print full-color brochures or simple black-and-white documents on plain paper, there are printers available with a variety of features and benefits that will fit those needs. inkjet printer manufacturers

Examining the needs of your workforce is the best place to start. If you own a smaller company with one to 20 employees, you won’t need the same printer features as a bigger company with hundreds of workers. You might put a premium on speed and quality with less of a strict focus on capacity. And larger companies might look for a high-capacity paper tray before they consider page-per-minute speeds. We’ll talk about these and other features to consider when shopping for a printer for your business.


Start by identifying the type of printer your business needs. For instance, if your employees only print basic documents, then you may opt for a print-only model. But if they need to copy, scan, or fax, an all-in-one may be a better solution. The difference in price between print-only and all-in-one models can vary by hundreds of dollars, so it makes sense to only pay for features you will use. And when looking at different models, you can also decide on the onboard control schemes they provide to make sure they are intuitive and easy to use.

Next, you should determine whether you need only black-and-white printing or color as well. And in the same vein, you should compare the ink cartridges that various printers use. Some printers support higher capacity ink cartridges so you won’t have to change them as often, resulting in less downtime and more consistent printing.

One example of a solid all-in-one printer for larger small businesses is the Epson Workforce Pro WP-4540. One of its defining features is its fast two-side printing as well as its ability to copy, scan, and fax two-sided documents. As far as ink cartridges are concerned, it supports extralarge capacity cartridges that can print up to 2,400 black-and-white or 1,200 color pages. The WP-4540 is an example of a feature-packed printer that can be an all-in-one hub for your companies’ printing needs.


A printer’s performance quality and overall printing efficiency can be boiled down to three things: speed, capacity, and volume. The reported speed of a printer, or its ppm (pages per minute), should serve as a rough guide to the printer’s speed. When looking at ppm figures, remember that it takes longer to print in color or at best quality than it does to print in black-and-white or at lower quality, so take a careful look at the detailed specifications in order to make a fair comparison between printers.

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