Building a Home Gym – Free Weights or Weight Machine?

There are advantages and disadvantages to using both free weights and a weight machine for use at home. In general it’s best for a beginners to start with a machine because they are easy and safe to use. They can then progress to free weights, which allow a greater variety of exercises.

The advantages of a weights machine are that they are generally much safer than free weights. This is an important consideration if you are exercising alone at home. There is no chance of you dropping weights.

Weight machines can also help guide you to maintain the proper form and posture for each exercise. This allows you to get the maximum benefit from the routine with the minimum risk of injury.

A weights machine is also quick and easy to use. There is no sliding on and off of weights as with a barbell or bar. There is just a simple pin that is inserted into the weight stack to change the weight.

The disadvantages of a machine are that you may not find them comfortable if you are particularly tall or small. They also take up a lot of room. Ideally you have to have a spare room or basement in which to set them up. They are also much more expensive than free weights. multihead weigher packing machine

The advantages of free weights are that you can perform a wider range of exercises with them. You can devise a program where you target certain muscle groups and perform a variety of exercises.

When you use them, there are often additional muscle groups used to stabilize the movement. It is therefore a great way to exercise a number of muscle groups at the same time.

Ideally your home gym should incorporate both a weight machine and free weights to get the benefits of both. But there is always going to be considerations made regarding space, cost and the individual requirements that you have.


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